Summer Fun Candy Club


Our mission is to bring joy and fun into people’s lives – and we do this through our mouth-watering, quality candy – one bite at a time.

Since our founding in 2014, we’ve been creating sweet moments. Our goal is to excite and delight you with our modern twist on classic sweets — making it whimsical for kids with a touch of nostalgia for adults.

We know our sweets — and want to share the secret jewels of the candy world with you. From American mom-and-pop confectioneries to unique international delights, our selection represents the best-tasting candy the world has to offer.

Strawberry Sour Belts -You will love the aroma of freshly picked strawberries in these lightly sugar-sanded candy belts. Just enough sour to make your lips pucker and the right amount of sweet to make you want more! Super sour and Super packed with Strawberry flavor! These belts are delicious, and there are plenty to go around! Vegan friendly.

Sour Cherry Cola Bottle Gummies - You've probably had sour gummy cola bottles before. But these sour cherry-flavored cola bottles elevate the concept. Soda pop-shaped gummy bottles covered in ""fizzy"" sour sugar and bursting with classic cherry cola flavor! Non-GMO.

Pink Piglets Sour Gummies - Go ham on these adorable gummy piggies! Infused with sweet-tart berry flavor, these little gummy pigs pack serious lip-smacking power to make you squeal with delight! Non-GMO.

Cosmic Sour Gummies - Feel like exploring deep space? These fruit-flavored gummies in a shimmery sour sugar coating will open up a new galaxy of flavor— experience gummy moons and star-shaped candies in dazzling neon colors. Perfect for space-themed parties and events!

Book Worms Sour Gummies - Pucker up for a sour take on our sweet gummy worms. Each Bookworm is dusted with a sour coating giving it a tart bite. Flavors include blue raspberry, lemon, orange, cherry, and green apple. Gluten-Free.

Disney Pixar Toy Story Jessie Swingin Lassos - Deliciously tart, these strawberry-flavored lassos are coated in sour sugar.

Disney Pixar Toy Store Rex Dino Eggs - Bold and bright apple-flavored chewy dots covered in sour sugar — rawr!

Star Wars Mandalorian Horizon Belts - Sour-coated horizon candy belts with a bright and bold tropical mango flavor.

Crayola Pink Flamingo Gummies - Perfectly pink flamingo candy gummies with a sweet strawberry flavor.