Care Bears x LWP- Cheer Up Bracelet


Little Words Project is a community built on kindness, self love, and positivity! Little Words encourages women to love themselves and others. Little Words handcrafted bracelets are each made with an inspirational word. A bracelet to remind you how truly amazing you are! Each bracelet includes a registration tag. When you feel like someone needs this bracelet more than you do pass it along! You can follow your bracelet’s journey using the registration number! 

A reminder to choose kindness and send your love out into the world! 

Turn that frown upside down, like this Care Bear would. Whether it’s for you or for your bestie, face each day with a smile and this little word on your sleeve.

A little reminder to register your bracelet! When you've passed it on, you can track its journey to see who else it's inspired.

-elastic stretch beaded bracelet