Gold Sunsets Bracelet


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Sunsets - As the day passes and the sun begins to set, let this bracelet be your reminder of your happy place.  When you look at this bracelet may it bring you peace and remind you to clear your mind.

Stone Meanings

Multi Amazonite - Known as the stone of soothing and healing.

Peach Moonstone - Known as the stone of serendipity and intuition.

Champagne Agate - Known as the stone of positive energy and happiness.  

  • 14K Gold-Plated Sterling Silver Charm
  • Handmade in the USA Charm Bracelet
  • Individual Bracelet Charm Meaning Card
  • Gemstone Bracelet Meaning Card
  • Authentic TJ Charm Bracelet Tag

T.Jazelle Bracelets are handmade with love on Cape Cod.