Diamanté Cluster Double Strand Bracelet Rhodium


104 Facet Cubic Zirconia Stones are prons set into Rhodium and 14k Gold settings.

Bracelet measures 7" in length and had a short extender and lobster claw clasp.

Diamante Cluster 104 is our newest and most luxurious collection. Designed and created with the same care and detail that we are known for, our Diamante Cluster 104 Collection uses our highest quality Cubic Zirconia stones. These specialty stones are cut with 104 facets, making them catch the light and shine brighter than a natural diamond; which has only 58 facets.

Our Diamante Cluster 104 collection is the perfect addition to any jewelry wardrobe. The versatility and quality of these pieces make them perfect gifts for special occasions, like anniversaries, or holidays. Made with Rhodium and 14K Gold, this collection is not only beautiful but durable in construction. The specialty 104 facet Cubic Zirconia stones are scratch-resistant and are hand-set in prong settings by our talented craftsmen.