Energy Stone Bracelet


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Uncover your own inner energy with our Energy Stone Bracelet! Crafted from semi-precious stones, this stretchy beaded bracelet adds a fashionable flair to your wrist, giving you a power-boost that can’t be beat! Treat yourself to some mystic allure that’ll leave you feeling energized! #RechargeYourStyle

Calming and Balance - White Howlite and Snowflake Obsidian

Confidence and Courage - Carnelian and Red Jasper

Guidance and Tranquility - Lava Stone and Angelite

Inner Peace and Harmony - Indian Agate and Tree Agate

Love and Transformation - Amethyst and Rose Quartz

Optimism and New Beginnings - Moss Agate and Picture Jasper

Hope and Success - Amazonite and Serpentine