Nurse Farm Girl Goat Milk Face Moisturizer


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Goats milk is ultra moisturizing, loaded with essential nutrients and vitamins that help revitalize dry and irritated skin.

Frankincense has amazing skin benefits and regenerating properties. Helps improve skin tone as an astringent so it balances skin ph. 

Lavender is soothing, reduces inflammation and redness and is antibacterial, anti microbial, and anti fungal.

Jojoba oil has high amounts of ceramides which cover skin cells and are responsible for their hydration. Jojoba gets absorbed quickly and is a powerful barrier against moisture loss. 

Shea Butter helps reduce wrinkles, contains anti oxidants, and stimulates collagen production and vitamin E is excellent for nourishing the skin. 

Nurse Farm Girl all natural products are made locally on the Marsh Family Farm in Bethany, Connecticut!