Larimar Sterling Silver Charm Collection


The Larimar Sterling Silver Charm Collection includes beautiful charms that contain a larimar gemstone .

Wave - A wave is known to symbolize tranquility, fearlessness, and transition. The Waves of life shall direct us to our true destiny. 

Whale Tail - A symbol of luck, freedom, and destiny. Wear this bracelet as a reminder that something beautiful is about to happen. 

Seashell - A symbol if beauty, serenity, and happiness. Let this bracelet be your reminder of all life’s beautiful treasures.

Angel Blessings - An Angel Wing is known as a symbol of faith, renewal, protection and love.  Let this charm be your reminder that though our Angels may not be seen or heard they are with us always sending love and strength.

Dragonfly - A Dragonfly is known as a symbol of transition, rebirth and joy.  Wear this bracelet as a reminder to embrace change and live life to the fullest.

Healing Prayers - In times of need and healing let this bracelet remind you that you hold the strength to get through anything.  When you wear this charm and know that healing prayers are always with you.

Stone Meanings

Larimar -Known as the stone of serenity and for its calming and healing qualities. 

Peach Moonstone -Known as the stone of serendipity and intuition. 

Blue Aquamarine - Known as the stone of the mystic.  Worn to bring inner courage, love and peace.

Blue Agate - Known as the stone of creativity and happiness.