Spongelle Pedi Pop Buffer & Nail File

Pamper your feet with gentle cleansing exfoliation and convenient nail filling for expert grooming with our PediPop Body Wash Infused Pedi Buffer®.  Available in three yummy scents. The unique popsicle-inspired combo makes shaping nails and soothing heels a refreshing experience with tender cleansing on one side and soft textured scrubbing on the other.

Bubblegum -  Fresh wild strawberries and nourishing apple skin. Smells Like Sweet childhood memories. Feels Like A trip to the foot spa. Fragrance Notes Top: Apple Skin Middle: Wild Strawberry Base: Fruit Leather

Juicy Orange - Inflammation-fighting vitamin C, mineral-rich lychee, and creamy vanilla. Smells Like A yummy creamsicle. Feels Like An effervescent soak for your footsies. Fragrance Notes Top: Orange Middle: Lychee Base: Vanilla

Peppermint - Refreshing mint and fragrant sparkling sugar. Smells Like Clean minty freshness. Feels Like The perfect cool breeze. Fragrance Notes Top: Cool Air Accord Middle: Peppermint Base: Sparkling Sugar

 Cotton Candy - Smells Like Pure nostalgia. Feels Like Cloud-soft heels and toes. Fragrance Notes Top: Pomegranate Middle: Cherry Blossom Base: Sugar Musk