With All My Heart 4 oz. Goat Milk Lotion


With all my heart all natural goat’s milk lotion! This lotion has a clean, honey apricot scent that you will love with your whole heart! Perfect gift to give a loved one for Valentine’s Day or to show yourself some self love! 

Hand made lotion in small batches using fresh goat's milk. Goats milk lotion is ultramoisturizing,  loaded with essential nutrients and vitamins like B1, B6, B12, E, and C, that help nourish and revitalize dry and irritated skin. Goats milk has the closest match to the natural pH of our skin which helps protect from invading bacteria and chemicals. There’s no better base than goats milk for lotions and soaps!

Nurse Farm Girl all natural products are made locally on the Marsh Family Farm in Bethany, Connecticut!